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Yıldız Demir Çelik is a family owned company and %100 is owned by Yıldız family . Short Yıldız is a well known company in Turkey as Europe etc and hope to work with you .


Why you have choose work with Yıldız. As we said we are family owned company which of course has lot of advantages. The main advantage is we are very adaptable to the market situations. İt is very easy to adapt ourselves to the price situations. We are able to take very quick desicions because you ar in direct contact with the ones who takes the desicions .We are located in the middle of World, have logistic Access to many areas with short deliveries .


We are also well known is very quick deliverys  due to take desicion in producing materials.We continue to increase our exports by using all incoterms. The payment terms are confirmed lc at sight, CBG or with advance payments.


In 2021, Our sales are 50 % domestic sales, depends our export rates are around 50 %. In 2021, we exported to about 50 countries. We doubled our export figures compared to 2020. Our main markets are; We can say the Balkans, Europe. However; We also play an active role in other markets such as America, Israel, Africa-Asia.


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