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Tekin Boru produces steel pipes in its production facility located in Dörtyol district of Hatay around Iskenderun Bay.


The dimensions of the pipes produced in Tekin Boru production facilities in accordance with national and international standards vary depending on the customer's request:

- 219 mm - 3048 mm diameter

- 3 mm - 25 mm wall thickness

- 4 meters - 40 meters in length

The steel pipes produced are protected against corrosion through coating methods such as polyethylene, epoxy, concrete and bitumen.

Tekin Boru carries out the inspections and tests required by national and international standards using its own machinery, apparatus and equipment. It tests the chemical and physical properties of the products in its own laboratory.

It provides added value to the country's economy by exporting to more than 30 countries, especially Central Asia, Europe and Africa.

Tekin Boru shares the advantages of the region where it is located with its customers in the form of logistics and delivery time.


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