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OMSE is a young company founded in 2013. Our founding objective is to primarily supply engineering services and structural steel solutions to our customers. The main objective of our company is to show the quality and the competitive advantages of Turkish steel products to the companies located abroad and to bring them and these products together.
OMSE carries out the necessary controls at every stage of production and inspects the product quality on behalf of our customers in order to ensure that the products it sells comply with customer demands, technical specifications and/or technical drawings. In this way, errors are prevented and/or corrected at an early stage before the products go to the assembly site, and our customers can be sure that they will receive products comply with the quality and standards they want. Our company achieved to export to over 30 countries in the past 9 years and obtains averagely over 95% of its turnover from exports.

Services and Steel products we offer;


Engineering Services:

Transmission Line Tower Designs, Designs of Telecom Towers, Designs of steel structures for substations, Designs of steel buildings, Technical consulting services


Our design works include the scopes listed below:
Static Calculations, Foundation Calculations, Workshop Drawings, Assembly Drawings 



Structural Steel Products:

Lattice and polygonal telecommunication towers, Lighting, Floodlighting and camera poles, Energy Transmission Line Towers, Substation Steel Structures, Steel Structures for Solar Panels, Steel Bridges, Steel Structures for Industrial Buildings, General Structural Steels, Umbrella Arch Systems, Steel Arches, Lattice Girders, Self- Drilling Anchor Bolts , Rock Bolts


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