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Since 1970, we are among the top steel producers in our country in the steel production. We are one of the biggest producers of steel among the largest private sector steel producers with regard to our production capacity. We maintain our top rank in the export listing prepared in the sectoral basis each year. In addition to steel production, which is our main field of operation, we conduct our activities in the fields of energy, shipyards, logistics (sea, land), transportation (air), port management, ship management, construction, insurance, mining, agriculture and animal husbandry with the same precision.


Our Değirmencik Integrated Plant in Biga, Çanakkale features three steel plants with a capacity of 4,5 million tons/year and four rolling mills with a capacity of 4 million tons/year. As to capacity, the biggest construction steel processing rolling mill of our country is in our plant with 1.9 million tons/year. Of our two shipyards, Aksaz Shipyard (dry pool) have been operationalized in 2020, and is the first and only shipyard which has the capacity to manufacture an aircraft carrier in our country. Three-unit 405 mW thermal power plant, four HPP, one SPP, two piers, two dock are among the largest private sector port facilities in Turkey with a daily loading capacity of 30,000 tons and offloading capacity of 60,000 tons. And the auxiliary facilities of these units are included. In addition to the Değirmencik integrated plant, our two-unit power plant with a capacity of 1,236 megawatts in the Bekirli village connected to Biga, and our wind power plant with a licensed installed power of 60 megawatts and our seed bank with a capacity of four hundred thousand tons in Biga are in operation


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